Residence Life

If you come to UVA, you’re likely looking for more than just the traditional college experience. You’re looking to take on big challenges, contribute and find a home. And that’s exactly what you’ll find.

The environment here was designed to bring you and faculty together to challenge and inspire each other. Today you can live in a variety of settings, all designed to support self-governance, personal development and intellectual growth.

Finding the Right Fit

In your first year, you begin your UVA experience in on-Grounds housing, much of which has just been renovated, expanded or built. Centrally located, student residential communities are in close proximity to state-of-the-art fitness centers, contemporary dining facilities and virtually all academic classrooms.

You can also live in one of UVA's residential colleges, close-knit communities that foster social and intellectual interaction between faculty and students of all years. These include Brown College, Hereford College and the International Residential College (IRC).