Consumer Information

In accordance with section 23.1-409 of the Code of Virginia, entitled “Transparency in higher education information,” the University of Virginia makes the following data available to the public. For additional information about these data, please contact the Office of University Communications at (434) 924-1400. For federal required consumer information disclosures, please visit Student Financial Services' Consumer Information Page.

Undergraduate Tuition

Represents tuition and fees for first-year students entering the College of Arts and Sciences. Tuition and fees may differ for other schools.

Acad. YearIn-State% ChangeOut-of-State% Change

6-Year Undergraduate Graduation Rates

A 6-year graduation rate is the percentage of students started in a given semester and finished in 6 years or less.

CohortAll 1st-Year Students
Fall 200793.0%
Fall 200894.1%
Fall 200993.3%
Fall 201094.1%
Fall 201194.6%
Fall 201294.2%
Fall 201394.7%
Fall 201494.0%
Fall 201593.6%
10-Yr. Avg.93.9%

Undergraduate Total Fees

Total Fees include charges for Technology, Classroom Renewal, Academic Credentialing, Arts, Athletics, Transit Service, and Student Programming.

Acad. YearIn-State% ChangeOut-of-State% Change


1-Year Retention Rates

The table below shows the percentage of first-year students who returned the following fall.

CohortAll 1st-Year Students
Fall 201197.5%
Fall 201297.0%
Fall 201397.3%
Fall 201496.9%
Fall 201596.4%
Fall 201696.5%
Fall 201796.9%
Fall 201897.3%
Fall 201996.7%
Fall 202096.8%
10-Yr. Avg.96.9%

Other Required Data & Links

Additional data and links to more information about the data provided in this report are included below.

Prospective students may find the information resources of the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia (SCHEV) of use in planning for college and careers. SCHEV has created an institutional profile for each Virginia public college and university, and for each independent college or university participating in the Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant Program. The University of Virginia's profile may be viewed on the SCHEV website. (The University cautions that the wage data provided by SCHEV only includes those alumni employed or attending graduate school in the Commonwealth of Virginia. It does not include a sizable population of University alumni employed or attending graduate school outside the Commonwealth of Virginia.)