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Since its inception, the University of Virginia has drawn profoundly from the thinking and ideas of other cultures. Of UVA’s eight original faculty members, five were from Europe—because Mr. Jefferson understood the importance of cultivating, and keeping, a global perspective.

Establishing the Leading Global University

Today, our level of engagement in the world is stronger than ever—from research initiatives designed to address key global challenges, such as our partnership with the Max Planck Society, which seeks to research new, renewable, environmentally friendly and economical energy sources; to our office in Shanghai, where we’re working to internationalize our curriculum and strengthen global partnerships; to the efforts of Darden and McIntire to expose students to the global business landscape. For years, the University of Virginia has maintained a strong dedication to helping students and faculty experience and better understand the world. We’re committed to fostering new knowledge about global dynamics and a deeper cross-cultural understanding.