International Studies Office
International Studies Office
Developing a globally aware, culturally diverse education and research environment has always been a priority at UVA, and The International Studies Office (ISO) was created to support this goal. A University-wide resource offering internationally oriented activities, programs and services, the ISO provides the expertise and infrastructure needed to bring international scholars to Grounds and to facilitate education abroad for UVA students.
International Students and Scholars

Since 1826, when the University enrolled its first international student, we’ve been dedicated to bringing scholars to Grounds from around the world. UVA has always taken pride in creating opportunities for global citizens to study, teach and share in the Jeffersonian way of learning. Each day, our International Students and Scholars Program supports their adjustments to the U.S. and to the University community.

Education Abroad

Intellectual pursuits. Cultural traditions. Exposure to new people and ideas. These are the hallmarks of education abroad. A common and popular pursuit at UVA, education abroad provides students with the opportunity to study internationally, gaining a global perspective while developing a host of practical life skills. With over 50 programs to choose from, study abroad is an excellent way to expand one’s horizons while fostering a deeper understanding of nations and cultures.