Graduate Studies
Find Yourself Going Anywhere
Look ahead five years. Where do you see yourself? Owning your own business? Taking the next step in your career? Serving on the faculty of a renowned university? Whatever your goal, a graduate degree, a professional education or postdoctoral studies at UVA will help you reach your destination. With a diverse suite of degrees and programs, the University of Virginia supports a variety of paths, propelling students forward to pursue their educations as far as they choose to go.
A World Of Opportunity
UVA has taken the best of what traditional graduate education has to offer and infused it with opportunities that are critical to the success of today’s students. The University has always fostered close mentoring relationships between students and faculty. Today, we improve upon this time-tested approach by pairing it with meaningful opportunities for development—from career advising, to internships, to cross-disciplinary research initiatives, to fellowships. As a student in UVA’s Graduate Studies program, you’ll be well equipped for success.
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