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Welcome to Learning in Action – the front door to public service at the University of Virginia, dedicated to connecting students, faculty and community partners to social entrepreneurship, community engagement and co–curricular service opportunities.

Service Events and Opportunities


The Millennial Caucus

The Minority Rights Coalition and the Miller Center are kick-starting a new initiative entitled, "The Millennial Caucus.” The project allows and encourages the politically-engaged undergraduates from UVA to voice their thoughts and opinions on national policy issues—everything from National Security to Healthcare to Environmental Protection. Through a partnership with a major policy institution and the network it offers, we as undergraduates are given a voice: a chance to tell our story and to talk about the issues that matter to us packaged in a way that will get Washington to listen. You are all critical to making that happen. Periodically, we will be collecting opinion data on 4-5 topic-specific questions in order to obtain an accurate representation of the political climate among UVA undergrads. If you want to take part and sound off with your opinion, sign up ...

Register to Vote: Feb. 8 Deadline for Virginia Primaries

Deadline: Feb. 8

Iowa was just the beginning. Primaries and caucuses will be continuing throughout the country through June. If you are from Virginia and are not already a registered voter, the deadline to register to vote in the March 1 primary is Feb. 8. To learn more about your home state’s deadlines and requirements, please see the vote411 website sponsored by the League of Women Voters ...

Apply to be an orientation leader

Deadline: Feb. 8, 4 p.m.

Do you love UVA so much that you want to share it with others? Orientation Leaders get the opportunity to share that love with incoming first-years and transfer students. What will be the story of your summer? Applications and more information can be found on the website ...



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