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Special Committee on Research

The Special Committee on Research was formed by the Rector in September 2011.  It has the authority to make recommendations in all matters relating to research programs and partnerships of the University.  The scope of the Committee shall include all forms of research, scholarship, and creative activity including medical research; research opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students; all external and internal sources of research support; commercialization activities and translational research.  The Committee may offer guidance on such issues as strategic investments in research, the role of research in the undergraduate educational experience, the working environment for researchers, the infrastructure for research, and strategic partnerships that enhance research capability and impact.


  • Edward D. Miller, M.D., Chair
  • Frank M. Conner III
  • Barbara J. Fried
  • William H. Goodwin Jr.
  • Stephen P. Long, M.D.
  • Margaret N. Gould
  • George Keith Martin, Ex-Officio
  • Mark J. Yeager, M.D., Faculty Consulting Member